1. As you exit the airport (remember to drive on the left!) you will be on Route 302. At the traffic light (where the road splits), turn right (east) onto Route 30.



2. Follow Route 30 through downtown, going along the waterfront. Go through the light (Wendy's will be on your right) as you approach the cruise ship dock.



3. Be careful NOT to make the left turn at Route 313. Make sure you stay on Route 30!



4. Continue to follow Route 30 until it ends at Route 32 and turn right onto Route 32.



5. Proceed on the twisty road and make a right onto Route 322 (if you reach Red Hook Plaza and American Yacht Harbor, you've gone too far).


6. As soon as you turn right onto Route 322, look for the first property on your right hand side.  Turn right onto our private driveway.  Welcome!



* If all else fails, look for the Star Fish Signs that read "Red Hook." They will point you in the right direction.



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